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Identity as a Service solution that gives the ability to reliably authenticate online users and track fraudsters without using sensitive data or cookies, regardless of their location or device used.

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F8th uses machine learning that can identify users and fraudsters via 100s of patterns of how an individual uses their mouse, keyboard, touchscreen and other inputs. It continuously analyzes typing speed, movement speed, acceleration, click speed, device angle and more, and then builds a behavioural profile.

Protect corporate data and detect insider threats.
Enforce your employee’s credential security without any extra step or training. F8th detects insider threats and ensures that only employees can access their account and corporate data by creating an individualistic biometric identity of each employee based on how they use their devices.
Protect customer data with the highest sensitive data protection standards.
As a biometric component, F8th provides an extra security layer against account takeovers, malware and phishing attacks. Our solution is compliant with e-privacy regulations, as it does not and will never collect, use or store any sensitive information or cookies.
Track fraudsters and unauthorized users regardless of where they are or what device they use.
For the first time, you can track the fraudsters and blacklisted users regardless of where they are or what device they use. F8th is an innovative solution that solves the most complex cyber challenges such as automated and repetitive cyberattacks from dynamic sources.
Reduce false e-commerce declines with your loyal customers.
Improve your sales and customer retention, and reduce client dissatisfaction by knowing who your loyal customers are based on their behaviour biometric profile. With F8th you can safely offer your service to your customers wherever they are, without taking any risk.