Apple declares war on Browser Fingerprinting

Apple declares war on Browser Fingerprinting Apple is bringing in some much-wanted security protections for its Safari browser to stop third parties from tracking web users. Apple is standing up and fighting against browser fingerprinting – a rarely mentioned way of tracking users online. Their new updates to Safari will help Apple users blend in with others online, rather than be identified.

How does Fingerprinting Work?

Fingerprinting works by online adverts, third parties and even Facebook can track individuals based on their combination of system configurations. The plugins you use combine with your browser and computer details are handed over readily whenever you use a webpage. This combination of information that can be used as a fingerprint to identify and subsequently track users and their online behavior. Companies can use this information without users knowing, making the incognito mode on some browsers pretty much useless.

Blending In

As Apple has announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the trick to avoid such fingerprinting methods is to blend in with others. In doing so, your computer appears very similar to millions of other users. This makes it harder for you to be tracked. This Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) stops the social media like and share buttons that appear at the bottom of articles, for example, as these common widgets track users without their consent.

Leading the Way

Apple is leading the way in the fight against fingerprinting. Indeed, fingerprinting is now against the regulations of the GDPR, at least in the ways we have described above. Now, companies and websites have a new set of rules which they must follow in order to track users and what they do with their data.

F8th Inc. is Fighting Fingerprinting Too

It’s not just Apple. F8th Inc. are also paving the way to finding solutions to the problem that fingerprinting and the new regulations pose to companies. F8th Inc. offers an alternative solution to fingerprinting that is fully compliant with the new GDPR regulations. With our solution, we mitigate scams and fraud whilst empowering management systems. With F8th Inc., you can have faith that your security systems will stand up against browser fingerprinting and other practices that are doomed to fail.

Published: February 23rd, 2019 Edited: March 5th, 2019