Persistent Cookies and Browser Fingerprinting are a thing of the past

Persistent Cookies and Browser Fingerprinting are a thing of the past The days of Browser Fingerprinting tracking are officially numbered. Apple has been one of the first to announce that third-party widgets will no longer be able to track visitors who are using safari through the use of cookies.

Plugins and Cookies

Everyone has seen the "like" and "share" buttons with their comment fields below. These actually could be used to track users whether we click them or not. Apple has already taken a stand as being "anti-tracking" to reduce user data collection without their consent. Safari now gives users a choice of whether or not they wish to interact with such a plugin, and to make decisions regarding which information they want to keep private. Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention in the Safari browser blocks the collection of cookies who don’t have a first-party connection with the user as well as limiting the amount of time a first-party vendor can access to this information.


In addition to cookies, the new GDPR framework prohibits Browser Fingerprinting, Apple is also shutting down Device Fingerprinting. Companies must now find other alternatives to uniquely identify their customers. Being compliant to the GDPR is tricky for businesses and keeping secure transactions hasn't be as tricky as it is right now.

Where does F8th Inc. Come in?

When cookies and Browser Fingerprinting are no longer viable, you’re going to need another cybersecurity solution. F8th Inc. is here to provide that security solution, by helping websites and clients have a much better level of security for their online transactions. We are 100% compliant with the new GDPR regulations and, as such, are taking a stand against Device Fingerprinting and cookies. Our system circumvents these, providing secure solutions where client data is concerned yet allowing you the same flexibility as before. Don’t let cookies and Fingerprinting drag your business down to the bottom with them. Rise to the top and let F8th Inc.’s solutions help you.

Published: March 16th, 2019