The newest of trends: Behavioral Data Analytics

The newest of trends: Behavioral Data Analytics Understanding human behavior is a valuable and important skill today. The Government, public institutions and other companies all use data to try to predict how humans will behave. As Artificial Intelligence grows, being able to analyze behavioral data is now crucial.

Masters in Behavioral Data Science

There is now a new program available which is a Masters in the Science in Psychology: Behavioral Data Science. The fact that such a program exists shows just how important this field is in today’s modern world. It comes into all aspects of life, from the police being able to predict burglary risks depending on the area and what time of year it is, to insurance companies adjusting their prices depending on their client data, and schools adjusting educational curricula depending on what they know about pupil progress. Understanding the power of these huge amounts of data can have is what is implicit in the study of human behavior and data science. This Master’s course has the ultimate goal of combining these two areas.

Program Details

The program has many different aspects including an overview of the different types of data science as well as having a skills-based focus to help solve prospective clients’ problems. One module, Big Data Analytics, concentrates on the most widely used machine learning and statistical techniques that are needed to extract information from big quantities of data. Another aspect focuses on the visualization of data, and included training on how to use some of the latest visualization tools such as ggplot, Tableau and Shiny. Another module, Psychometrics, looks at the ways in which human behavior can be measured and links psychometric techniques with machine learning vocabulary.

The Ever-Growing Need for Behavioral Data Analytics

The fact that masters courses in behavioral data analytics exist shows us that there is an ever-growing need for data analysts, consultants, researchers, and managers in these fields. This is why, at F8th Inc., it is an important part of what we do. We use behavioral data collected from the human layer to create precise and distinct biometric identities without using cookies or fingerprinting. It allows clients to access their products and purchases without any concerns. F8th Inc. collects extensive information without a trace of the user’s identity being left on their device. F8th Inc. brings the security level of websites and customer support to a whole new level using behavioral data analytics.

Published: February 25th, 2019 Edited: March 5th, 2019